pear lisa and pageThrough your generosity, the 10 spaces for women in the safe house in the Church of North India, Diocese of Durgapur are paid for for ONE YEAR! that means that 10 women can stay for up to one year and receive food, shelter, encouragement, medical treatment and time to heal before returning home or creating a new life.

Since the Diocese has never done this before and I haven’t either I am hoping that women won’t need to stay a year but if they do, we have had 10 sponsors ensure their safety.
The NEXT amazing news is that we have gathered $1000 towards the $5000 for the new sewing center! So our friends in India are on the way to hiring a teaching, buying sewing machines and finding a location for it. The new sewing center will be located in a town called Serenga, West Bengal which has a wonderful hospital, a child development center, and a nursing school. It is one of my favorite places in India because it is very peaceful and the hospital was founded by missionaries under a banyan tree: it is possible that women will be able to get their children educated in the child development center while they learn a new skill. We’ll keep you posted on how that will shake out.
And the Third piece of amazing news is that you bought over 100 hearth scarves yesterday and we have had orders today for another 20+!!! So the beauty revolution is taking hold and women are seeing the value of beauty for beauty’s sake. They are buying them for teacher gifts (rather than another apple thing) and graduation gifts and wedding gifts, so good is happening in the world and beauty is being spread through our individual networks.
Keep in touch. Tell us your story of hope, of meeting a woman and having your life changed or changing hers and we’ll keep you posted on Indian (and possibly Rwandan and Thai) news as it happens.
If you want to shop for Hearth Scarves at Lisa’s fabulous home in downtown Hendersonville, please email her at and schedule a private shopping excursion into calm, joy-filled beauty. It really is a treat to take your time browsing in her home (and it is always possible more scarves will be created during your visit)!
Our first two shoppers yesterday were 2014 Athena nominee Donna Gibbs and her mom Judy. They bought two scarves, one for each of them, that are from the same fabric and unique in their trim. They said they wanted to remember how special the day was and to share the same cloth in their separate homes so that when they saw their own scarf every day, they would think of the other. What a great story!
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