Annie Fritschner, ACFRE has served and worked in the non-profit community all over the world for 35+ years. The invaluable lessons learned from these experiences have offered wonderful annie fritschnermaterial for her book Starting a Nonprofit. Published by Barnes and Noble in 2006, as a part of their How To Series, Starting a Nonprofit sold out within a year. Annie continues to write for the profession in Philanthropy Today journal and for various outlets.

In addition to writing for Barnes & Noble, Annie has co-written a book entitled Daily Practices for God’s People, helping individuals learn how to engage more deeply with the God of their understanding.

Part of my philanthropic experience has been as an ordained woman. Giving is a spiritual and an emotional response to a real need. Giving comes in many forms and comes from many places in our souls and minds.

Writing is my way of sifting the daily human experiences I have as a development professional, a passionate fundraising planner and strategist, and as a minister who responds to human needs.”

To read more of Annie’s writing visit her blog.

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