Training about the art and science of fundraisingnonprofit training

Everyone, paid or unpaid, who wants to raise money for an organization, who wants to volunteer effectively for an organization and who wants to lead an organization needs training on how to achieve these goals.

“No matter how good our intentions, no matter how dedicated to the cause we might be, we need to continue our education in order to improve our performance.”

Training is the strategic opportunity to bring people together to learn more about a specific topic, so that together, they feel more able to do a better job – no matter what that job is.

Training can take place at your organization or off-site, can last various lengths of time, and is an essential part of growing talent and improving morale.

Annie will help you create an agenda that achieves the goals you determine. She is a certified Master Trainer and can execute training on the topics that will engage your team members so they feel valued, empowered and equipped to do even better at their jobs.

Typical topics include (but are not limited to);

  • Creating a successful signature event
  • Attracting the volunteers you want
  • How to be a great Board
  • How to be a great Board member
  • Fundraising 101: How all the confusing pieces fit together
  • 10 Secrets to Successful Fundraising
  • How to plan and execute cultivation events that people want to attend
  • Writing and implementing a development plan that will raise more money
  • Creating and implementing a Board development plan
  • How to work better together as a Team


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