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Capital Campaign plan for Western Carolina Community Action

WCCA wanted to offer better, more dignified space for its clients and a Head Start classroom at its headquarters. The new building is located at King Creek, a low income campus that has housing, a local school for early child development (the Head Start center) and services for families in need of support programs.


Previous Western Carolina Community Action Building


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Capital Campaign for The Free Clinics of Henderson County

The Free Clinics needed to move from a tiny, two story medical office that had little storage space and not enough examination space to a space that would allow the medical volunteers enough light, access to supplies and medical files to efficiently see patients at clinics.

The Board of Volunteers in Ministry purchased a piece of property next to Spartanburg Highway that was more convenient for their clients (being on the support service corridor) and built an office and clinic with space for a pharmacy that has allowed them to grow in services with ease. In addition a day clinic paid rent to The free Clinics to help them offset their mortgage payment.

free clinic hendersonville

rendering of free clinic building


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Capital Campaign for Pardee Hospital and Four Seasons Hospice to build a long-term rehabilitation center and the first Henderson County inpatient hospice house on an adjoining campus

Henderson County, NC has been a top retirement destination for years, and Four Seasons Hospice was not able to serve the surviving spouse if there was no one in the home to help them. So for decades, people had to die in a hospital, retirement facility or nursing home; they could not be served by Hospice in their home, nor could they go to a special place created solely for the purpose of helping people die with dignity, comfort and companionship. The creation of Elizabeth House gave Henderson County the first place where the dying could safely be surrounded by professional hospice caregivers, spend time in a meditation chapel, and where visitors could prepare special meals and stay overnight with their loved one.

Entrance into Hendersonville long-term rehabilitation center

Hendersonville long-term rehabilitation center

hospice sign

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Capital Campaign plan for new Hospice campus; Greatrix Place

Four Seasons Hospice used to be located on in three different locations throughout Henderson County and they wanted to be consolidated on one campus for convenience, improved communication and coordination of programs and continuing education opportunities.



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Logo Development 

Mainstay, the domestic violence prevention agency and for women and children in Henderson County needed a new logo.

The old logo used two colors of purple (purple is the international color for domestic violence agencies) which was confusing and the “M” was hard to see and was dated. The new logo included a stronger tag line, three colors, a tree representing families who want to create a new family, and the telephone number of the organization for people who want to call in to receive services or make a referral.

old mainstay-logo

new mainstay logo


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Capital Campaign for people in need of emergency shelter in Transylvania County

Transylvania County needed a new shelter for the homeless. The Haven opened in 2011 and has been full since.

The Haven was designed to be one large room so that the volunteers and staff can have immediate view of all clients. The front porch gives people a protected place to sit, smoke, visit with one another and is similar to a Southern home. The Haven is located next door to The Bread of Life, the only food kitchen and meal service organization in Brevard. Haven clients can get a hot lunch, additional food supplies and can walk to work in downtown Brevard.

haven brevard nc

haven brevard nc


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Capital Campaign for Pardee Memorial Hospital Emergency Room to expand and re-orient a new entrance to Pardee Hospital with a more effective emergency department.

Everyone who needs emergency care wants fast, accurate and compassionate attention. Pardee hospital is the hospital where emergency cases in Henderson County are brought. The visionary leaders of Pardee understood the future of emergent care was only going to increase so they undertook a capital campaign to expand and redesign the emergency department in order to provide faster care to more people simultaneously. Donors responded generously, giving more than the $3.5 million goal.


Capital Campaign for the first inpatient hospice unit for Hospice of the Carolina Foothills

HOCF wanted to build an inpatient hospice house for southern North Carolina and northern South Carolina residents who need hospice care in their area.