Coaching is a fairly new service for not-for-profit leaders. Top executives in corporate America have had this person as a resource, and now Annie is making this service coach-Annieavailable to leaders who are passionate about what they do and who they serve, and who want to learn how to do their jobs better and smarter.

All of us need someone we can turn to for healthy, well-tested advice. Leaders of NGOs haven’t had folks they can turn to without paying exorbitant rates for long-term contracts. I want to help leaders focus on their issue, frame it clearly, gather the information they need to make a good decision, and help them implement their best thinking. This process takes the time it takes as determined by the client – not by me; we can have a short term or long term contract, depending on what the client wants – not what I want. I am their sounding board, their safe person, their go-to person for complete, well-reasoned and experienced answers.”

Regular coaching sessions will better help you achieve your goals.

  • Coaching sessions are 45 minutes and the agenda is determined by you in advance so your time will be valued.
  • Sessions can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, and are held via Skype or telephone.
  • Coaching is tailored to help you achieve your goal. Typical topics include (but are not limited to);
    • Self-evaluation and achieving professional growth
    • Self-evaluation and achieving academic and organizational growth
    • Management issues
    • Leadership issues
    • Board development and process issues
    • Specific fundraising goals and needs

“Annie has been a reliable sounding board for me. She now knows me well enough to read between my lines of confusion to help me stay true to who I am and to what my organizational role is. Sometimes I feel as though I have so much to do and there are so many opinions that I can’t hear myself think. Scheduling regular time with Annie has made it possible for me to lead in a new way so that everyone is treating each other with more respect, and we have stopped reacting to the latest ‘crisis du jour’ that takes us off mission. I highly recommend coaching as a way to tune out all the voices and distractions.               -Katy from Virginia

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