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Annie Fritschner, ACFRE is a fundraising professional who will help you achieve your development goals. She ascribes to a high standard of ethical principles and her approach is rooted in her lifelong experience as a practicing fundraiser, a volunteer and philanthropist.

What do YOU want to accomplish?

Most organizations are now trying to raise more money with fewer financial and human resources and that means you and your team need to work smarter and more effectively.

Hiring Annie to help achieve specific, quantifiable goals is a cost-effective way to get an experienced professional on your team quickly who is able to hit the ground running.

Annie provides a funny, helpful, practical and down to earth – sometimes even irreverent look at fundraising issues in the Independent Sector. She helped me to do my job better and faster, with fewer mistakes, and she relieved some of my anxiety and self-doubt about fundraising.            – Lisa, Hendersonville, NC

Want to raise more money more effectively?

Call Annie at 828-606-8306 and find out how to partner with her
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