Mysterious Ways

rocks 3I received this email from a friend today:
“My friend from the lake asked me to come shoot some family photos before she looses her hair so I went there this morning.  Made for a somber day.  But, here’s the miracle.
She handed me a check as I was leaving and insisted I take it.  I have photographed her and her family many times and would never take payment.
She insisted, with tears rolling down her cheeks.
How do you refuse a dying friend who is crying?
Half way home I looked at it – it was for $250.  The exact amount to sponsor a child in India… that is what I’m going to do. I can’t think of a better way to honor her.
Oh, the way that God works……”
Oh yes, the way God works. Today, in my life,  a woman was courageous enough to share that she is having trouble not drinking today. Her vulnerability opened all our hearts and it was then we discovered the shattered heart of another woman. Because one of us was willing to be open and vulnerable, another person responded in kind with her own brokenness.
And in the sharing of brokenness, wonderful, healing love was expressed and shared and felt and the world became a safer and brighter place for us to move ahead in. Love freely received — not just given — but received. Sometimes that is where the mystery is.
Because one woman has cancer and is losing her hair and possibly her life, another child in God’s world will receive an education and food and clean clothes and encouragement and medical attention and a childhood rather than a life as a house slave.
Because one woman shared her brokenness, another felt heard and loved and not so alone.
“Oh, the way that God works……”

be bold. be brave. be hope.

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